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women of color leader smiling because impactful leadership taught through play is the improvEQ approach
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impactful leadership
taught through play.

modern leadership means being human.

When you infuse your work with humanity and joy, magic happens. You build trust and respect in your team, and guess what? Your team responds with increased productivity, innovation, and success. It's not just about the task at hand; it's about the human connections.

The Approach

Playful Leadership is a balanced, authentic, and joyful leadership approach that harmoniously integrates both head and heart.

Creating a supportive work environment that encourages individual expression and collective success, harmonizing intellectual rigor with emotional understanding.


Teambuilding Comedian

I'm Betsaida (pronounced bet-sigh-duh). I used to work in mental health advocacy while also performing comedy on the side. These two roles may seem like an odd mix, but I saw them both as ways to bring more joy and humanity into people's lives.


While I was focused on improving others' mental health and making them laugh, my own mental health was taking a hit. The work was demanding, the environment stressful, and it felt like I was constantly running on a treadmill that never stopped.​As a manager, I had a team to look after and a boss who was, let's just say, less than supportive. I was caught in a whirlpool of demands, projects, and pressures. It got to the point where no amount of sleep could fight off the exhaustion I felt, both physically and mentally.

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I hit a wall. It wasn't just my job that was the problem, but the entire work system. It seemed designed to grind us into the ground. It was sucking the life out of us.

In 2017, I lost my mom. Her passing was a wake-up call for me. It changed everything. Life was too short to spend in a work environment that felt more like a robot factory than a place for humans. That's when I decided to stand up and speak out about the lack of humanity in the workplace. It wasn't easy. I became a target, but it also made me question why work had to be so heavy.

I realized that I needed to bring more joy and humanity into work. Using my comedy skills, I found a way to do it - Playful Leadership. It was a game-changer. It was a way to challenge leaders to step out of their comfort zone, to lead with more heart and less stress.

I founded ImprovEQ, a company that merges improvisation and emotional intelligence. We run workshops designed to teach teams how to build their emotional intelligence using improv games.

Now, I'm helping managers and organizations add more joy to their work, one workshop at a time. But it's not just about making workplaces happier. It's about making them healthier, more productive, and most importantly, more human.

our services
unleashing playful leadership

We've crafted workshops, resources, and coaching sessions just for you to help you master the art of playful leadership.

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Leadership Playground Online Community

Take a break, have a good laugh, and get support here! Join our weekly improv workshops and online community. Connect with other creative leaders, get feedback, and recharge to lead and inspire your team.

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Playful Leadership Academy

Master the use of humor to foster trust, manage stress, and accelerate learning. Guide your team through challenging times with positivity, amplify productivity, by learning how to embody the Playful Leadership Model

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Teambuilding Training Sessions

Our interactive and dynamic sessions foster better communication, increase collaboration, and create a more positive work environment. Through engaging activities and expert facilitation, we help your team unlock their full potential.

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