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an online community for leaders who dare to think differently

leadership isn't easy

  • You're continually being pulled in different directions.

  • Work doesn't always make finding balance easy, and trying to hit the right mix of creativity and practicality, or work and rest, can feel impossible.

  • It's easy to forget to prioritize our happiness and wellbeing, focusing too much on productivity and meeting goals instead.

  • People are complicated. Managing a team of diverse personalities is a uniquely challenging role.

  • Leadership can feel like you're on a never-ending treadmill, leaving you worn out.

what if ...

you had a supportive community helping you stretch your leadership muscles ?


welcome to the leadership playground

 ready to join the
leadership playground 

Get exclusive access to our leadership resources with your membership and enjoy our transformative program for free in the first month.

Afterward, maintain your membership at just $39 per month. Feel free to cancel anytime.


Every month

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leadership playground!

Available online

Tuesday, May 9

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

why join the leadership playground? 

join the leadership playground membership

get weekly workshops and more with a leadership playground membership.

you get ...

Leadership Playground Weekly Workshops

Online weekly game sessions to improve your leadership skills.

Fridays at 1-2pm PT/ 4-5pm ET

Ongoing Growth

Continuous learning and weekly challenges to boost your emotional intelligence and adopt playful leadership skills.​

Leadership Play-Pages

Exclusive content including activity pages, delivered to you monthly.

Peer Interactions

Connect and share with a community of creative leaders for support and encouragement on your leadership journey.

Exclusive Discounts

Benefit from special discounts on additional events and workshops.

hi there! I'm Betsaida
 (pronounced bet-sigh-duh).

Teambuilding Comedian & your Leadership Playground Facilitator 

I used to be a mental health worker by day and a comedian by night. Now, I blend improv and emotional intelligence (EQ) to help leaders with my approach Playful Leadership.

Betsaida LeBron headshot 2024.jpg

what to expect at the
playground workshops? 

Here's what happens at every Leadership Playground :

Hello + Intro

We share the theme of the day and set the stage for deep insights.

Ground Rules

We discuss how we want to participate, reminding everyone that this is a safe space.

Collective Play

You’ll be lead through some group games based on the theme of the week, linking them to real-life lessons.

Play to Practical

We ensure that the fun we have translates into practical lessons you can apply.

Positive Endnote

No room for self-criticism here. We just celebrate everyone's great work!

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