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be the leader
they love 
to follow. 

Build resilient teams who get results while remaining authentically YOU!

modern leadership isn't just bossing people around.

To be a successful leader today, it's about sparking fresh ideas, building strong partnerships, and inspiring everyone around you. This is where Playful Leadership comes in. It's a leadership approach that encourages  creativity, joy, and authenticity.

our services
unleashing playful leadership

We've crafted workshops, resources, and coaching sessions just for you to help you master the art of playful leadership.

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Leadership Playground Online Community

Take a break, have a good laugh, and get support here! Join our weekly improv workshops and online community. Connect with other creative leaders, get feedback, and recharge to lead and inspire your team.

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Playful Leadership Academy

Learn how to embody our Playful Leadership Model. Harness playfulness to foster team trust, manage stress through challenging times with positivity, amplify productivity, and guide your team with greater ease.

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Teambuilding Training Sessions

Our interactive and dynamic sessions guide leaders and teams on how to create a more positive work environment. Engaging activities and expert facilitation designed to improve team communication, collaboration, and creativity.

experience the power of play!

Your First Leadership Playground Visit is FREE!


what people are saying's not just our mom who
thinks we're cool!


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"I LOVED this session! It was the most fun I had during Tech Expo. Everyone was having the best time, and it truly did relate back to skills in the workplace. I really appreciate how interactive the session was. Betsaida did a great job including discussion in between each improv exercise and relating it to our interactions at work."

Participant Feedback - TechExpo

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hi there! I'm Betsaida

ImprovEQ - Teambuilding Comedian

Hi, I'm Betsaida (pronounced bet-sigh-duh). I used to be a mental health worker by day and a comedian by night.

Now, I blend improv and emotional intelligence (EQ) to help leaders with my approach Playful Leadership.

about  improvEQ

I'm building a community of forward-thinking leaders to transform workplaces into fun and collaborative spaces. My unique approach is called Playful Leadership - a mix of head and heart- It's smart, authentic, and (most importantly) fun!

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