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Learn improvisational techniques to create a high-performance team culture

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workplace challenges
are getting bigger.


By encouraging employees to go beyond the box and embrace their full creative potential, we can open up new possibilities and solve bigger problems. We are committed to creating a workplace that fosters a culture of collaboration and understanding, where everyone feels safe to share ideas, take risks, and grow. By taking this approach, we can create a thriving and meaningful workplace for everyone.

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 building confidence
through play


Engaging in playful learning activities provides a low-pressure and safe environment for employees to understand difficult concepts. Additionally, the laughter and camaraderie created by an improvEQ session makes employees more open to learning and more likely to retain the information long after we have left. 


flexibility + emotional awareness + confidence

mindset shifting through play.


Using experiential teaching methods, we make adult learning engaging and exciting.

low pressure

Expertly facilitated sessions that create psychological safety and draw out even the most hesitant participants.


Employing the tool of debriefing exercises to identify personalized actions to improve the workplace.

brain training

Informed by the latest neuroscience, we "re-train" your brain by developing both the creative and logical sides.

training strategy

Progressively more difficult game-based challenges allows participants to sharpen their communication skills.

laughing and learning

 Our training sessions are far from boring! With our unique approach, you'll be smiling, engaged, and gaining knowledge all at once.


cultivate connection

Shared laughter and learning strengthens relationships and helps foster trust, openness, and collaboration.

hear what our clients have to say!

You are wonderful, thoughtful and deliver information in a way that sticks and is practical. You created a safe environment where everyone felt comfortable owning their insecurities as well as their successes.

Sara Aghamohammadi

UC Davis Medical Center

ImprovEQ truly made an impact and helped us all collectively take another step forward together to become stronger allies. Thank you so much for working with us the last couple months to shape our team and for helping us along this journey!

Razy Farook

Accenture Strategy Canada

team development training

creativity + confidence at work

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the cost of low confidence
and creativity

lose innovative ideas, creative solutions, and necessary feedback because they are not being shared.


working harder and longer because of inflexible thinking and mental rigidity. 


lower employee engagement and organizational culture suffers because team members don't bring their full selves to work.

Team Development

Interactive team building sessions using the principles of improv to explore strategies for transforming mindsets and  team dynamics while having a stress-busting laugh in the process.

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Management Training and Development

Ensure the managers in your organization have the skills and confidence to lead others. Managers will learn the fundamentals of how to create a positive, productive, and supportive work environment by applying EQ principles.

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Leadership Coaching

Private coaching with improvEQ founder, Betsaida LeBron. Get personalized support so that you can be a more confident and effective leader in your professional and personal life.

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flexibility + emotional awareness + confidence

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